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What Janet Montgomery illustrates through Mary Sibley in Salem, is how even a woman at the top of her game can be burned at the stake, stoned at the square, accused and punished, followed out into the woods to be torched.

But she’s going to have a smile on, in her Sunday best for good measure—because they’re looking, they’re always looking.

Mary is what we may call the “witch in charge.” There are others: Mercy Lewis (Elise Eberle), Queen of the Night and currently bathing in blood to renew her burnt skin, Countess Marburg (played by new cast member Lucy Lawless), baby witch Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant), and Mary’s loyal mistress Tituba (Ashley Madekwe).

Mary’s the kind of witch that gets exactly what she wants—because she’s had to adapt and be a survivor her entire life.

She’s asked a question about her being British and how that affected her experience with our American mythos of witchcraft in Salem.

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That I can't address," Lonegan said."All I know is I don't like going out in the middle of the night, or any time of the day, for a manicure and pedicure," Lonegan said. That's my fetish, but we'll just compare the two."Du Jour didn't refer to it as a fetish, rather as "a little personal vanity.""I had an ex-girlfriend who ruined me in terms of my macho, ex-football-player self — she turned me on to mani-pedis," Booker told the magazine.

They can create witch panic,” Janet said, conjuring up images we’re familiar with, but should never be comfortable with.

Think about women on magazine covers—women caught in circumstances that create a blurred lens as we the viewers assign blame, accuse, point—at the hands of a tabloid item only painting one stroke, be it true or false, of the story. She’s the woman the film To Die For was based off—only the movie painted her as a hyper-sexualized woman creature out for young boys, sex and orchestrating murder—instead of focusing on the deceased at her trial, newspapers highlighted what she wore in court each week as if her walk to and from prison was a catwalk.

A show set in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts about witches is sure to elicit a few spells and seductions, but when it comes to the women of this Salem, there’s plenty of kissing, panty-dropping, fingers up the skirt, and one time—even a broomstick dildo.

After Ellen was able to join in on an exclusive call with Janet Montgomery, the actress best known for her standout roll as Mary Sibley in this action-packed drama.

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